“I’m an art school-educated graphic designer running an arts & writing magazine. You’ll notice nowhere in that statement is anything about “business plan,” “financing,” or “unit cost.” That’s where SpringBoard comes in. Not only did my business intelligence rocket up, I met a bunch of great people in a similar boat, and am now part of a powerful network for Cincinnati entrepreneurs. SpringBoard was my best business investment yet.”

Brad Plogsted, Abservd Magazine

“I started Feast fresh out of culinary school.  I had years of professional kitchen experience and a network of clients that kept building.  However, I fumbled around with numbers- my end of the year tax summaries looked more like drawings than spreadsheets.  SpringBoard was a huge stepping stone for me when it came time to tune things up “behind the scenes.”  Taking SpringBoard is like getting a tool kit filled with all the essentials.  Sure you could go out and build your own- but SpringBoard not only provides you with the kit; they also show you how to use the tools to help grow your own business.”

Frances Kroner, Feast Cincinnati

“We entered Springboard with the concept of Kitchen 452 and boundless passion, but no blueprint of how to make our vision a reality.  SpringBoard provided to us the framework of how to take a small business from an idea to an established entity.  The coursework is structured to build upon the previous week’s skills and knowledge and this afforded us 8 weeks of learning before our doors ever open. SpringBoard helped craft our ideas into something meaningful by offering a peer network who we could rely on to support us when we faced the many obstacles of starting a small business.  We left Springboard confident in our next steps of opening a small restaurant in Cincinnati!”

Leah Joos and Jen Lile, Kitchen 452 (launching in 2013 in Walnut Hills)

“My business partner and I each started SpringBoard with different goals in mind. My partner was hoping to improve his understanding of the money side of things, while I was more interested in meeting like-minded creative entrepreneurs in town. SpringBoard helped us meet our goals and then some. The quality of facilitators and industry experts is top notch and it was a pleasure to get to know all the fellow students.”

Mike Gibboney, We Have Become Vikings

“Springboard is an unbelievable supplement to my formal education and life experiences. It’s introduced me to a group of independent thinkers and creators and helped me develop a team of creative cohorts with whom I can exchange ideas, resources, and goals.”

Jess Sheldon, Hazel Brown Photography

“Though Once Blind Studios is almost a decade old, we felt like a start-up after relocating to Cincinnati from Los Angeles. SpringBoard came at the perfect time, taking us back to basics by helping us rework our mission statement and business plan for our new environment. We were also thrilled to meet local business resources like realtors and lawyers, as well as like-minded artisans who are passionate about their work and our neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine.”

Randy and Leisa Wilcox, Once Blind Studios

“I entered Springboard finally wanting to do something with my creativity. I had a couple of concepts, but nothing concrete. During the class, I identified a market need in Cincinnati- one that my creativity could fill. Currently, I continue to develop my plan. And along the way, I’ve even combined efforts with another Springboard alumni! Springboard shows how to put an action plan together. Anything is possible. Your creative idea can be a business! And here’s how…”

Doug Meyers, 30 Graphics Unit