The SpringBoard curriculum is uniquely crafted to infuse the class with knowledge  from local professionals. Talented attorneys, accountants, marketing experts and community leaders are just a few examples of resources the course provides.

Skilled professionals have donated time and energy to SpringBoard because they are passionate about fostering small business growth and entrepreneurship in Cincinnati. Our panel of experts will expand and take shape to respond to the needs of  SpringBoard businesses.


Areas of Expertise: Patent Law, Intellectual Property, Business Formation and Planning

  • Patricia Feghali | Attorney At Law, LLC
  • Mike Hurst | Keating, Meuthing & Klemkamp, PLL
  • Matt Loftus | Proctor & Gamble
  • Rob McDonald | Taft Stettinius Law & Hollister, LLP
  • Emma Scharfenberger Off  | Graydon Head
  • Jim Singler| Keating, Meuthing & Klemkamp, PLL
  • Vance VanDrake | Ulmer & Berne, LLP

Areas of Expertise: Business Tax Preparation, Cash Flow Management

  • Jake Burke | Burke & Schindler, PLL
  • Nick Dardugno | Burke & Schindler, PLL
  • Dick Fairbanks | Buschle + Fairbanks, Inc.
  • Sarah Kubala | Cassady Schiller & Associates, Inc.
  • Mark Macke | Burke & Schindler, PLL
  • Stephen Mann | Ossege, Combs and Mann, Ltd.
  • Tom Shannon | Burke & Schindler, PLL
  • Dave Storer | Cassady Schiller & Associates, Inc.

Areas of Expertise: Property & Casual, Life, Health and Long Term Care

  • Chad Bilz | Gallagher SKS
  • Andy Crouch | CMS Insurance Agency
  • Debbie Margolen | Gallagher SKS
  • Bob Murphy | Gallagher SKS

Social Media, Marketing, and Branding
Areas of Expertise: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Visual Branding/Identity

  • Beth Hoskins | LPK
  • Dave Knox | Rockfish Interactive
  • Mike Gibboney & Jason Snell | We Have Become Vikings
  • Joe Long | ENS Digital
  • Ran Mullins | Allegori/Globili
  • Krista Neher | Boot Camp Digital
  • Matt Plapp | Driven Media Solutions, LLC
  • Michael Wintrob | LPK
  • Lisa and Randy Wilcox | Once Blind Studios
  • Alex York | Southpaw Prints

Areas of Expertise: Small Business Finance, Merchant Payment Processing

  • Alisha Budkie | Smartfish Studio & Sustainable Supply
  • Corey Drushal | Bad Girl Ventures
  • Mary S. Falls |Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co.
  • Erin M. Kidwell | Girl Develop It
  • Michael Leahr | Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative
  • Joe Schlimm | PNC Bank
  • Carlin Stamm | Bad Girl Ventures

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