Box Truck Carnival Spotlight: GAMES


SpringBoard’s Box Truck Carnival Spotlight Series highlights the artists participating in ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival on the MidPoint Midway. The MidPoint Midway, part of MidPoint Music Festival, is a free event on 12th Street in Over-The-Rhine between Vine and Walnut. From September 26-28, enjoy three days of live music, local food and beer, plus the ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival, ArtWorks ArtCars and KidPoint. For more information on the Box Truck Carnival and the Midpoint Midway, visit


Presented by  Crane, Neidhard & Stock

Festival-goers will toss and guess their way to victory right next to the MPMF Music Stage where Crane, Neidhard & Stock present GAMES of the Box Truck Carnival. First, attempt to sway gravity to win an awesome souvenir at Box Truck Plinko. Venture inside to conquer the challenge of the hanging cups, and record your high score for the entire festival to see. Finally, bring your guessing game to enter for a chance to win an exciting gift.


About Crane, Neidhard & Stock:

Crane, Neidhard & Stock are second-year students from L.A., Cincinnati, and Columbus, studying architecture and interior design at UC’s DAAP. They have approached the Box Truck Carnival as a means to explore human interaction through fabrication and design. The team hopes to get in touch with their Cincinnati roots through music, food, fun, and the killer weekend that will be MPMF.13. They wish to thank the Department 7 studio, and give an honorable mention to Daniel K. Elkin.


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