Box Truck Carnival Spotlight: Mystic Rose Hoopiness


SpringBoard’s Box Truck Carnival Spotlight Series highlights the artists participating in ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival on the MidPoint Midway. The MidPoint Midway, part of MidPoint Music Festival, is a free event on 12th Street in Over-The-Rhine between Vine and Walnut. From September 26-28, enjoy three days of live music, local food and beer, plus the ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival, ArtWorks ArtCars and KidPoint. For more information on the Box Truck Carnival and the Midpoint Midway, visit


Mystic Rose Hoopiness

Presented by Kathleen Rose

Rose’s five minute high energy and award winning hoop dance will be performed every two hours for Midpoint Music Festival goers to watch. There will be lighted hoops and a light show for participants to enjoy inside the truck and unlighted hoops to practice with outside. Rose’s team of hoop dancers will teach numerous movements and techniques to participants of the festival.

Every night at 10pm, participants can hoop to the last band of the night and a winner will be chosen based on best hoop dancing techniques. Get ready to have the hoop dance experience!

About Mystic Rose

Since October 2011, Kathleen Rose, aka Mystic Rose, has been providing stellar onstage and offstage hoop dancing entertainment for the city of Cincinnati. She took up hooping immediately after an ankle injury from her first passion – ballet. Hooping was a way for her to stay in shape, keep dancing, and have fun without putting too much weight on her injury. Although the injury was a setback forballet, it helped Kathleen discover a new passion–hoop dancing!

After working on a consistent basis with two of Cincinnati’s finest music industries, Next Era Entertainment and Self Diploma, Mystic is ready to take on any challenge that awaits.

YouTube: RoseTheHooper




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