Box Truck Carnival Spotlight: Laugh in a Box

SpringBoard’s Box Truck Carnival Spotlight Series highlights the artists participating in ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival on the MidPoint Midway. The MidPoint Midway, part of MidPoint Music Festival, is a free event on 12th Street in Over-The-Rhine between Vine and Walnut. From September 26-28, enjoy three days of live music, local food and beer, plus the ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival, ArtWorks ArtCars and KidPoint. For more information on the Box Truck Carnival and the Midpoint Midway, visit

Laugh in a Box

Presented by Vincent Holiday along with Bombs Away! Comedy, OTR Improv, and Lofty Aspirations

Laugh in a Box is a celebration of all things comedy. Enjoy stand up, sketch, and improv comedy from improv troupes and stand up comics from Muncie, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Washington, D.C, as well as headlining performances by Geoff Tate, Tim Northern, Amber Preston, OTR Improv and the Cinema Toast Crunch live movie riffing of Breakin’ 2.

About Vincent Holiday: Vincent Holiday’s unique style of comedy is all about defying expectations. He’s a sharp writer who enjoys tipping over sacred cows without talking down to audiences or sacrificing laughs. A Cincinnati transplant, he has teamed up with Bombs Away! Comedy, OTR Improv, Lofty Aspirations, and Go Banana’s Comedy Club to bring the best in midwest stand up, improv, and sketch comedy to the MidPoint Midway.

Featured Performers

Tim Northern

Tim Northern Tim is 6’3″, 200 pounds of manly man with what is often described as an obscure sense of humor. He is articulate, smart and deceptively witty, but most importantly he’s funny. The combination of his gruff exterior and his easy on the ears style could be catastrophic, but this mixture works well.

His opening line, “I love y’all” leaves audiences wondering what’s next. They soon realize he’s sincere.

amber preston

Amber Preston

Amber Preston is a comedy seductress. Recently named one of “5 Comedians to Watch” in New York Magazine, her brassy charisma and keenly honed jokecraft leave audiences powerless not to fall head over heels. From raucous roadhouses to the classiest clubs Preston’s saucy, mischievous charm captivates die hard and casual comedy fans alike.

Preston is a natural improviser whose comedy can be defined as much by the method of its creation as by its hilarious outcomes. She brings her “piddly ideas”, those small grains of nascent humor, to the stage. There she pokes, prods, and explores them, involving the audience in every step of the instinctive and spontaneous process until they emerge days, weeks, or months later as comedy pearls. Add to this a laundry list of quirky obsessions , and a genuine passion for connecting and having fun with her audience and you have a recipe for true comedy excellence.

ctc (3)

Bombs Away! Comedy presents: Cinema Toast Crunch

Bombs Away! Comedy presents its MST3K style live movie riffing once again. Vincent Holiday and Wayne Memmot take to the microphones while you can live tweet your jokes to the screen. This year we will be riffing the 1984 iconic and ironic classic, Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo!

More Info:
View the Laugh in a Box schedule


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