Box Truck Carnival Spotlight: QUEEN CITY INK


SpringBoard’s Box Truck Carnival Spotlight Series highlights the artists participating in ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival on the MidPoint Midway. The MidPoint Midway, part of MidPoint Music Festival, is a free event on 12th Street in Over-The-Rhine between Vine and Walnut. From September 26-28, enjoy three days of live music, local food and beer, plus the ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival, ArtWorks ArtCars and KidPoint. For more information on the Box Truck Carnival and the Midpoint Midway, visit

Queen City Ink

Presented by The Bird Haus

We’re Cincinnati’s pop up tattoo parlor aiming to temporarily ink and educate the masses on every thing tattoos. Whether you want to support your favorite MPMF bands on your arm, test out a tattoo idea your mom would disapprove of, or feed your curiosity on the art of tattoos, hop right into Queen City Ink. We guarantee your level of bad-assery will increase exponentially the second you hop out. (We will not be using needles or pain inflicting materials to create tattoos. Instead, we will be using washable art supplies and the hands of local tattoo artists.)


The idea of a pop up tattoo parlor came from The Bird Haus founder Cat Amaro’s relationship with Ben when they were in high school. According to Amaro,

“Ben was always known as the chill, laid-back, surfer like dude that would roam the halls with all his art supplies. There’d be times where he’d be ‘sharpie-ing’ tattoos on people during lunch or after school in the library. I remember telling him, ‘I want a half-sleeve Hello Kitty hibiscus tat. Make it happen!’ I remember going home, doing my homework, and my dad comes up to me and goes, “What the f*ck is that?’ I refused to wash my arm for 3 days and walked around school with feeling like a 4’9″ 93 lb bad ass.”

Aside from getting temporary tattoos, the box truck will serve as an educational hub as well. The inside of the truck will be decked out in tattoo facts and local tattoo images. In three days, The Bird Haus wants to not only make people feel like bad asses but we also want to educate the masses on an art that is still taboo in today’s society. We want to get rid of that perspective that ‘people with tattoos have no direction in life’ because it is far from false.

The Bird Haus will be working with a few local artists, including:

Sarah Finney and Joanna Funcheon, who are credited for the interior design of the boxtruck. Both are graduates of DAAP’s interior design program and do freelance work.

Blake Lipper, owner of The Lettersmiths, a local sign painting business, and the mastermind behind the exterior of our truck. He’s simply passionate about creating cool stuff and is partially credited for painting the infamous Segway Cincinnati van that rolls around the city.

Ben Ervin, tattoo artist/good friend will be coming down from Columbus’ Short North Tattoo, to create temporary tattoos during the carnival.

Learn more:


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