SpringBoard Grads Sweep CityBeat’s “Best Of Cincinnati”

CaptureWe always knew SpringBoard’s growing group of entrepreneurs is amazing, and CityBeat’s recent release of their “Best of Cincinnati” list totally proves it. Here’s a list of the SpringBoard businesses recognized as the best in the city.


*Readers Picks*

Best Local Artist
#3: Robin Ewers (tied with Jesse Fox)

Best New Bar (Since March 2012)
#5: Pike Street Lounge (co-owned by SpringBoard graduate Katie Meyer)

*Staff Picks*

Best Hometown Hero Design Duo
VisuaLingual (owned by SpringBoard graduates Maya Drodz and Michael Stout)

Best Drunken Band Caricatures
Drunk Music Reviews (by SpringBoard graduates Caitlin Behle and John Sebastian)


*Staff Picks*

Best Now-Above-Ground Underground Dinner Series Turned Into A Residency
Please (co-owned by SpringBoard graduate John Hogan)


*Readers Picks*

Best New Store (Since March 2012)
#10: The Spotted Magpie (owned by SpringBoard graduate Shannan Schmitt)

*Staff Picks*

Best Resident Dog in a Shop
Atomic Number Ten (owned by SpringBoard graduate Katie Garber)

Best Creative Event Design
Margot Madison Creative (owned by SpringBoard graduate Margot Madison)

Best Dudes Making Stuff
Losantiville (includes SpringBoard graduates from Such and Such, Dixon Branded, The Launch Werks, and Ampersand)


A few other ArtWorks projects won awards too!

Reader’s Pick: Best Local Cause
#3: ArtWorks

Best Artful Bike Racks
Queen City Art Racks

Best Gonna-Be Public Art Project
Pendleton Public Art Project

Best Fest Sideshow
Midpoint Midway (featuring the ArtWorks Box Truck Carnival)


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