[Box Truck Spotlight] Art for All People

The Box Truck Spotlight Series highlights Box Truck Carnival artists all month long leading up to MidPoint Music Festival. For more information on the Box Truck Carnival and the Midpoint Midway, visit artworkscincinnati.org.

Art for All People
Art and Music Box

Come join an interactive art piece as it evolves throughout MPMF. To start, blank walls begging to be painted, get yourself a dollop of paint, and make your mark. As the walls become full, the art spills out, surrounding the truck as new surfaces emerge to paint.

“We’re really excited to join in the Midway, to highlight the work Art for All People does, to introduce the organization to the public, and because the truck will be so fun. We can’t wait to see how the paintings evolve throughout MPMF as people of all different ages and skill levels contribute.”

– Emily Miller, Art for All People

About Art for All People:

The mission of ART FOR ALL PEOPLE is to bring the arts to people who are marginalized in the community. The organization’s belief is that when dealing with pain, addiction, and loss there are often no words to explain the extent of suffering. This is when the language of the arts becomes essential.

At the core, all people are creative and deserve the chance to communicate. All people play a part in a larger story of our culture and we must be willing to go into undesirable places and talk kindly to strangers to help heal their pain. It is with this motivation, that ART FOR ALL PEOPLE was formed.

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